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Improves posture, movement, neuromuscular functions, sensory integration and speech through constant individual direct intervention, from either a physical or occupational therapist. The therapy structure is similar to that of a clinic, with the horse as a primary tool of intervention. Requires a physical therapy and/or occupational therapy prescription.

Therapeutic Power Hour

Includes equine activities offered in a group structure, which is used to address performance areas problematic to the child or adult. Areas of focus are cognitive skills, motor planning, visual perceptual skills, social interaction and sensory processing. Family, therapist and equine instructor collaborate to generate goals unique to each child or adult's needs.

Therapeutic Sports Riding

Independence is the goal for these individuals. This program provides improved riding skills, equine care and tack care, with special attention to the clients' needs.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Fosters positive risk taking, leadership, social communication, independence, mental attitude, motivation and teamwork.
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