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Our story and our 3Q service delivery 

 Quality Horse, Quality Program, Quality of Life.

An idea is born

Partners For Progress, NFP  is a 501(c)(3)organization that provides individuals with physical, mental, and emotional challenges alternative therapeutic programs using quality trained horses.

Partners For Progress (PFP) believes that each one of our participants is an individual and receives individual treatment. Our overall goal is to help each participant achieve their maximum personal potential and self-achievement. 

  • Established in 2005
  • PFP supports over 200 riders per week 
  • PFP uses a collaborative therapeutic approach to increasing functional skills for life improvement.
  • PFP teams carefully match horse and rider for the greatest outcome possible. 
  • Goal oriented therapy
  • Goal achievement assessment 5 times annually. 

PFP has successfully implemented goal-oriented therapy programs and tracking processes to assist participants in overcoming fears, breaking down walls, and achieving monumental milestones. 

Partnering with our community

  • PFP consistently provides scholarships to those unable to afford  intervention therapies. 
  • PFP offers Occupational Life Skills programs for 
    •  developing skills for work
    •  volunteering 
    •  increasing community engagement
  • PFP partners with organizations and schools in the Lake County, Illinois area. 
PFP does this so all individuals with special needs have the opportunity to receive the benefits of horse assisted goal oriented therapy programs.
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