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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why the horse connection?

For many reasons!  Horses communicate non-verbally, there for the connection that we make to them comes through different channels.  Our bodies organize on rhythm and that keeps our output and engagement optimal. Horses have an innate ability to provide rhythm to those who need that organization.  Additionally, the bond between animal to humans is strong.

About how long do clients ride at PFP?

Each person comes to PFP for different reasons.  Some people to meet short-term goals, certain developmental milestones or simply to experience therapeutic riding.  However, what is most unique to PFP is the ability of the program to grow with each client.  From direct treatment to our occupational life skills to competing on a national show team, the support that PFP can provide is across the individual's lifespan.

How are goals decided, assessed and progressed?

Goals are a collaborative effort,which includes information from the therapist or instructor upon observational assessment at the first ride(s) and the family/riders shared input.

What percentage of clients meet their goals?

Currently, between 78-80% of clients are making moderate or better progress toward their individualized goals.

How are horses and riders paired?

Horses and riders are paired to best meet the needs of the rider and challenge progress and development. It is important that the movement of the horse organize the rider, while positioning their pelvis in more most neutral position possible.

What is the process for selecting therapy horses?

The PFP herd comes to us from across the country.  First PFP evaluates the programs that are in need and then uses a system of networking across the country to locate and select horses that are appropriate.  Horses are on a trial basis until they can be properly assessed for the needs of the program and their comfort as one of our equine partners.

What kind of program are your horses in to maintain health and fitness?

Each horse has a program unique to their needs that includes weekly fitness, supplements, wellness treatment, outdoor time and overall grooming/care.

Are there other ways to be involved, other than sidewalker?

There are many ways to be involved here at PFP.  From arena support to event support.  The sky is the limit!  We have a great need in the spring for muscle power to mow the 6000 bales of hay our horses require. Professional volunteer services are also of great need, such as event planning, marketing, social media and community outreach, to name just a few.

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