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Breed: American Quarter Horse
Registered Name:
Birthday: March 21, 2011
Color: Bay
Sex: Gelding

Height: 16h

Weight: 1100 lbs.

Arrived PFP: June 2017
Owned By: PFP

I come from Iowa. Word around the barn is that I am the PFP playboy. I also have quite the sense of humor and use my escape talents to out-wit the humans during tacking and stall cleaning. I work with pre-sports riders and independent riders. I am also talented in Western Pleasure on the show team. I am a good prospect for Hunter Under Saddle on the traveling show team as well. I am most known for my pitter-patter jog and at times it is hard for others to tell if I am walking or trotting. I enjoy spending my time outside with Rupert and Monkey, and all my horse friends.

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