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Partners for Progress, NFP


The mission of Partners For Progress is to provide alternative equine therapeutic programs to individuals with physical, mental and emotional challenges. By using quality trained horses, each individual participant rider will have a chance to experience the highest quality therapeutic ride with maximum benefits.


Partners for Progress, NFP (PFP) is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Wauconda, Illinois. It is a goal based therapeutic riding center providing horse based therapy to residents in Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. By using quality trained horses, each individual participant rider can experience the highest quality therapeutic ride with maximum benefits. Partners For Progress supports over 200 riders per week on 20 therapeutic horses with clinical interventions for functional life skills gain. Currently, PFP is achieving a 82% goal achievement success rate with their participants.

Partners For Progress was created to support these individuals with special needs through demanding and stimulating alternative therapeutic programs utilizing horses. These programs allow them to be challenged and become more fully integrated in their homes, schools, and communities. This is provided utilizing occupational and physical therapy programs as prescribed by licensed therapists with the assistance of quality trained, and maintained, horses.

Partners For Progress supports a national traveling show team that participates in competition with the National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) and the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). PFP is the only therapeutic riding center within the states of Illinois and Wisconsin with such a team. Additionally, a Special Olympics riding team and a veteran’s riding program - Heroes On Horses - is supported.

Founded in 2005, Partners For Progress has successfully implemented goal-oriented therapy programs and tracking processes to assist participants in overcoming fears, breaking down walls, and achieving monumental milestones. 

Since opening their doors, PFP has consistently provided scholarships to individuals unable to afford their best practices interventional therapies. PFP has taken on some of their participants as volunteers AND employees, and works with various organizations and schools in the Lake County, Illinois area. Partners For Progress does this so that all individuals with special needs have the opportunity to receive the unmatched benefits of their horse assisted, goal oriented therapy programs.

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