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Breed: American Quarter Horse

Registered Name:


Birthday: March 29, 2014

Color: Gray

Sex: Mare

Height: 15.1h

Weight: 988 lbs.

Arrived PFP: January, 21, 2021

Owned By: PFP


Well hold your horses, I’m a southern bell coming all the way from Georgia! And as they say in Georgia “She’s like whiskey in a tea cup” and that’s me. Like most southern bells I am a true beauty, with a wild stubborn streak. Hunt Seat is my jam! Some say I have taken the place of Fiona 'the old grey mare' who left PFP in August 2021. Well, I am making my own mark. I am sturdy and brave, and I don’t always have the greatest stall manners. They say I will be an asset to the PFP for many years providing to all the PFP programs. I am happy to be here.        

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