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Breed: American Quarter Horse

Registered Name:

MTC Easy Tiger

Birthday: September 19, 2010

Color: Chestnut

Height: 15.2 h

Weight: 1,095 lbs.

Sex: Gelding

Arrived PFP: March 2021

Owned By: Corbett Ryan

G’day, I came all the way from down under – Australia. I was born in September, which differs from U.S. born babies, most often foaling in February and March. And I am no brumbly. I am a happy bloke and I am curious about my new home. I am getting acclimated to the life at PFP and find it bonza. I am preparing for the judged expositions or as you say the “show pen.” I have a great willingness to do things and I must say with this new environment I am being very game, or brave as you’d say. I am still making new cobbers and mates, (friends), so for now no mucking around, I just prefer my alone time when outside. But hold your horses the next time your at PFP and give me a G’day (or as they say in here the U.S. stop by and say hello)

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