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Breed: American Quarter Horse

Registered Name:


Birthday: March 2, 2015

Color: Red Roan

Sex: Mare

Height: 14.4h

Weight: 900 lbs.

Arrived PFP: May 2021

Owned By: Amanda Herp

I came to PFP from the far eastern side of Michigan, near lake Erie. I am very happy to be here at PFP. A fun note about my ancestry, I am distantly related to Rusty, however I got the looks in the family. Some call me Miss nosey. I like to touch and investigate everything; you never know what you may find…to eat! I LOVE food, but who doesn’t? Except apples, ugh don’t be bringing me those red things, I don’t like them. I’ll take a carrot please or any other treat as I do love food. But you must ask before giving me anything. Out in the paddock I like to hang with my besties Honey and Pearl.

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